Meditations on Laundry

Watercolor by my friend Mary Quagliata Wind, flag, mind move— from Case 29, The Gateless Barrier Crisscrossing the deck in our backyard, blouses, socks and nightgowns shimmy in the wind. I stand here pinning the laundry on the line, and my thoughts, like disobedient sheets, swell and billow. Sixteen clothespins or they’ll sail away. Three pins for Caitlin’s soccer shorts, two for her lacy bra. (Our soccer girl betwixt and between, leaving us for college!) Four pins for my mother’s dress. (Visiting from New York City for her birthday, she at eighty-seven with Marlene Dietrich legs). Two pins for my husband Patrick’s boxers. Peekaboo. I see you. Now I don’t. Now I do

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